Zebra Face - Rusty Tomatoes

Welcome to the world of Zebra Face, a bombastic stripy horse with a hip-hop obsession and an insulin dependent sidekick, Durable Mouth Organ Diabetic. This time, fresh crime-fighting is put on hold as the duo find themselves down a couple of senses due to Tin-Leg Tomato and his evil robot crew.

Sun & Moon - Jarvis Cocker
Zebra Face - Kid Acne
Durable Mouth Organ Diabetic - Farma G
Tinleg Tomato - Infinite Livez
Robot Posse - Juice Aleem

Created by - Supreme Vagabond Craftsman & Kid Acne
Written by - Supreme Vagabond Craftsman & Damian Harris
Creative Director - Kid Acne
Directed by - Paul Reardon
Animation - Joe Brooks, Jason Arber & Chris Sayer
Animation Producer - Natalie Busuttil
Music & Sound - Crooked Man, Dave Lewin, Mike Ward & Damian Harris
Produced by - Caroline Cooper Charles & Judie Goldrei